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Beginning in the 1950s, and continuing on to the present (2003), Richard Gill has published various pieces in The Public Interest, The Journal of Economic History, The New York Times, Family Affairs, and Harvard Magazine.


In the 1990s, his book Posterity Lost was singled out by a number of scholars as one of the most important books of the decade dealing with the American family. The late Senator Moynihan, for example, stated that:

 “Richard Gill has written a book of the first importance about the central concern of American society, the sudden, unprecedented, altogether unanticipated collapse of ‘traditional’ family structure…A superbly insightful work.” 

In this book, and in several articles (some co-authored with his son, Professor T. Grandon Gill), Richard Gill also advanced the notion of a Parental Bill of Rights, a program to encourage parents to give primary care to their very young children.

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