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                   Economic Development: Past and Present, 1963 (3rd edition, 1973)


Evolution of Modern Economics, 1967


Economics and the Public Interest, 1968 (5th edition, 1991)


Economics and the Private Interest, 1970 (3rd edition, 1991)


Economics: A Text with Readings, 1972 (3rd edition, 1978)


Great Debates in Economics, Vol. I: History, Development and Growth, ed., 1976


Great Debates in Economics, Vol. II: Analysis and Policy, ed., 1976


The National Economists Club Reader, ed., 1991


Our Changing Population (co-authored with Nathan Glazer and Stephan Thernstrom), 1992


Economics: A Concise Micro/Macro Text (with accompanying videotape), 1993


Posterity Lost: Progress, Ideology and the Decline of the American Family, 1997 (paperback, 1999)

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